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– Vi hjälper er att skriva nyheter och skicka ut pressreleaser.

Lennart Svensson, Business Developer at Tools.

Lennart Svensson, Business Developer at Tools.

SWEDOL and TOOLS launching the next generation automated inventory system

Publicerad: 26/1, 2021

SWEDOL and TOOLS advances their position as a state-of-the-art industrial supplier by launching a next generation automated inventory system to its customers

26th of January 2021, Sweden: Swedol and TOOLS, the leading industrial supplier in the Nordic countries, is pleased to announce it has signed a long-standing partnership with Instant Systems Sweden to offer Swedol’s and TOOLS´ customers in the Nordic market the next generation automated inventory system. 

The new system will start to be deployed during 2021 and will give increased value to Swedol’s and TOOLS´ customers by giving them new tools for optimizing and manage inventory in a way that hasn’t been possible before. At the same time the system will allow Swedol and TOOLS to optimize their supply service in a way that will benefit both the environment and increase cost-efficiency.   

Clein Johansson Ullenvik, business area manager at Momentum Group: 
– Swedol and TOOLS have a strong focus on creating the Nordic region's best and most competitive offer for our customers. We are at the forefront of finding solutions that help our customers make their business more effective. Through Instant Systems' vending machines and the smart software that comes with them, we help our customers to always have the right products in the right place at the right time.

Kristian Silbvers, CEO of Instant Systems, said: “The benefits of this system are so huge that we believe it will not be long until this has set a new standard within the industry. We are grateful to work closely with Swedol and TOOLS and be part of this transition.“ 


About Swedol and TOOLS
On April 1, 2020, TOOLS and Swedol in Sweden, Norway and Finland became part of one and the same business area within Momentum Group through acquisitions.

Swedol/Grolls/Univern and TOOLS wants to create the market's best and most competitive offer for our customers. Together, we form a strong comprehensive supplier in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The merger will last for a longer period of time with the aim of showing increased competence, better presence and greater capacity in the future to help both small and large corporate customers to a safer and more profitable everyday life.

More information: www.swedoltools.com 

About Instant Systems 
Instant Systems is a pioneer in the development of integrated hardware, software and remote management solutions. Over 15 years of development and innovation has resulted in a robust platform that enables the remote management of large-scale automated retail deployments around the world.

The technology company seamlessly developed a back-office platform including a payment gateway with multiple customer facing applications that has successfully performed over 100 million transactions. 

Instant Systems has assembled a world class team of hardware and software engineers that have unique expertise in the field of advanced automation and unattended retail, making it a leading player in this next retail revolution. Among other things, Instant Systems was the first supplier in the world to deliver autonomous Grab & Go stores on a large commercial scale. 

For more information, please contact

Kristian Silbvers 
Instant Systems Sweden AB 
Ryssnäsgatan 18 | 504 64 Borås | Sweden
Office: +46 33 750 10 00
Direct: +46 33 750 10 71

Or visit www.instantsystems.se

Caption: Lennart Svensson, Business Developer at Tools.


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